2020 Calendar

As some of you may of heard the charity calendar is now available. A lot of hard work went into this project but I’m so so proud of it and everyone whose worked on it. A special shout out going to Misty Designs so easy to work with and smashed the deadline I was hoping for. And Emma Preston for having to be my mind a large portion of the time. Also the fantastic models who gave up their precious time, some travelling from further afield, some during treatment. It was really great to get everyone together over 4 shoots. New friends were made and always so humbling listening to other peoples stories.

With that in mind we really wanted to do each individual justice with the picture and the story and I think Tanya managed to get across my vision perfectly.

We added signs and symptoms as I figured even if 1 person gets an early diagnosis through reading then that’s fantastic. Early diagnosis saves lives.

Thanks as always the amazing support of friends and family and often strangers. I’d really really love for this calendar to go far and wide. The more I sell the more the fabulous shine get. They support young adults with a cancer diagnosis in their 20s, 30’s and forties. Being diagnosed with cancer is a lonely enough time without feeling more isolated as you may not have the same things in common as your elder counterparts. To find out about some of the fantastic things shine do please visit their website www.shinecancersupport.org Although they have managed to go national with a lot of hard work and dedication, they actually started down here right next to Bournemouth in Poole where there HQ still are.

So please buy and spread the word. Here’s a link to the shop – FUC 202 Charity Calendar

If you can make it, local or not, we have a launch night party held at Eden Bar and Club in Bournemouth from 8pm. Please come and celebrate with us music and drinks…Remember remember the 9th of November fun calendar Eden and shots ?

A final thanks to my amazing sponsors who have helped enormously in making this happen; Sean Morton Pro Flooring, Darren, Jenny, Spitfire Shoot, sabre, Codestone, Capita, Topwok, Comedy Club and many more.

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